Fine filters

CJC™ Fine Filters are oil filtration units with integrated circulation pumps. The CJC™ Filters are internationally recognized as highly effective purification systems for applications of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, gear oil, quenching oil, phosphate esters, and more.

CJC™ Fine Filters are ideal for controlling oil contamination levels for particles, water and degradation products (oxidation, resins/sludge, varnishes).

With a deep 3-micron absolute filtration and high dirt holding capacity, the CJC™ Fine Filters provide customers with tangible benefits. Such as less energy and maintenance costs, increased productivity and an increase in useful lifetime of system components, and in-line filters and oil.
The filter units are designed to meet the needs of customers, regardless of the volume of oil which can vary from 2 liters to 200,000 liters.