Filter Separators

The CJC™ Filter Separators are off-line oil and diesel filtration systems that combine fine filtration with water separation in a unit with an integrated circulation pump. The filters are designed for hydraulic oil, diesel oil, marine gas oil, lubricating oil, etc., where water infiltration is a constant or periodic problem.

The CJC™ Filter Separators remove water through the coalescing element and at the same time reduce oil contamination levels of particles and oil degradation products (oxidation, resins/sludge, varnishes).
The ratio of depth of the filtration filter is 3 absolute microns with a large pollutant retention capacity. This is combined with effective continuous removal of water which will generate numerous benefits including reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity, and maximum lifetime of the components, in-line filters and oil.

Filter Separators are manufactured to meet customer needs, regardless of the volume of oil, which can range from 2 to 200,000 liters.
The CJC™ Filter Separators ensure the smooth functioning of marine hydraulic, marine diesel and gasoil systems, lubrication systems in steam turbine and hydraulic industrial systems with water-cooled units.