Mining Sector

Hostile environment- Effective Filtration

The operating conditions in hydraulic systems and in any other system installed in mining equipment and quarrying are extremely severe. The deep and effective filtration is the key to give maintenance to the oil in hydraulic systems, motors, gears, etc. and the key to avoiding production downtime and achieving good performance.
CJC™ Fine Filters with deep off-line filtration are internationally known for their high dirt holding capacity - an important feature in this sector.

All CJC™ Fine Filter systems can be adapted to the EEX certification (Anti-explosion Protection).
Research has shown that effective filtration offline extends the useful lifespan of the equipment up to six times or more.


  • Crushers
  • Mills
  • Freight trucks and excavators
  • Rigs
  • Conveyors
  • Storage tanks
  • Filtration of diesel
  • Miscellaneous Mining equipment