Oil Industry (offshore)

C. C. JENSEN has specialized knowledge and decades of experience in most off-shore applications (drilling and production platforms):

  • The special structure of the platforms and the high cost of unscheduled shut downs make oil filtration an issue of paramount importance. When C. C. JENSEN has to design units for platforms, it generally consists of projects with very specific goals.
  • CJC™ Fine Filters, CJC™ Desorbers and CJC™ Filter Separators give maintenance to the fluids in a wide variety of systems on platforms including jacking systems, sliding systems, top drives, wellhead panels, roughnecks, pipe risers, main engines, central hydraulic systems, cranes, thrusters and gas turbines.
  •  Fine CJC™ Off-line Filters are implemented in various ways on drilling rigs, as independent systems or as part of the system. Maintaining oil systems significantly reduces the risk of downtime and also increases the reliability and lifetime of the equipment.

C. C. JENSEN is the ideal advisor for owners and staff on offshore platforms seeking solutions to eliminate production downtime due to oil contamination.